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PROGRAM UPDATE: All of the homes at 777 Hamilton have been filled for 2018. Please sign up for Hello Housing’s Stay Connected email newsletter to be notified of future openings.


What is the Workforce Housing Pilot Program?

Launched in 2017, The Workforce Housing Pilot Program subsidizes the rents for twenty-two (22) units of workforce housing for community-serving professions such as teachers for five years. Hello Housing is administering the program.

Open House

An open house will be held at 777 Hamilton on May 29th from 4-6pm where applicants will have the opportunity to tour the community and the units. Hello Housing staff will be available to answer questions about the application and the program. You may also submit your application to Hello Housing during the open house.

Preference will be given to the following tiers:

  • 1st Tier: Teachers employed by the Ravenswood City School District or a nonprofit school (including nonprofit preschools) that is located in the area encompassed by the Ravenswood City School District (which includes the Belle Haven Neighborhood of Menlo Park, areas in the City of East Palo Alto, and North Fair Oaks neighborhood of San Mateo County).
  • 2nd Tier: Teachers employed by the Menlo Park City School District, Las Lomitas School District, or Menlo-Atherton High School
  • 3rd Tier*: Persons engaged in public safety professions (e.g. police officers, fire fighters, etc.) and employed by the City of Menlo Park or the Menlo Park Fire Protection District; and
  • 4th Tier*: Persons employed by public interest non-profit organizations (including nonprofit schools and district schools) located in the cities of Menlo Park or East Palo Alto.

* At this time, only Tier 1  applicants are invited to submit applications. If all 3 availble apartments are not filled by 1st Tier applicants, 2nd Tier, 3rd Tier and 4th Tier applicants will be invited to apply.

What are the Program benefits?

Affordable housing is typically defined as a household spending no more than 30% of their income on housing. This pilot program will offer participants the opportunity to live in the brand-new community of 777 Hamilton while paying no more than 30% of their household income on rent. For example:

  • If a household is earning $50,000 a year, the monthly rent would be equal to $1,250 per month.
  • If a household is earning $100,000 a year, the monthly rent would be equal to $2,500 per month.
  • If a household is earning $150,000 a year, the monthly rent would be equal to $3,750 per month. This rent amount would exceed market-rate rents for a 1-bedroom apartment, so the program would not be beneficial at that income.

What are my chances?

Selecting applicants for the three available units in 2018 will be done at random by lottery. Please note that that the following 16 schools, located in the area encompassed by the Ravenswood City School District, generally in the areas of Belle Haven (Menlo Park), the City of East Palo Alto, and North Fair Oaks (San Mateo County), have a reserved unit. These reserved units are currently filled, but should there be a vacancies in the future of one of these units, priority will be given to teachers from that particular school.

    • Aspire East Palo Alto Charter
    • Aspire East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy
    • Beechwood School
    • Belle Haven Elementary
    • Brentwood Academy
    • Cesar Chavez Elementary
    • Costano Elementary
    • East Palo Alto Academy
    • Eastside College Preparatory School
    • Green Oaks Academy
    • Los Robles Magnet Academy
    • Mid-Peninsula High School
    • Ravenswood Child Development Center
    • Ronald McNair Academy
    • San Francisco 49ers Academy
    • Willow Oaks Elementary


Program Overview, Eligibility & Application

Before applying, please review the Program Overview and Eligibility to determine whether this program is a good fit for you and whether your household is likely to qualify.

How do I apply?

Downlad and complete the Program ApplicationA complete application with all requested supporting documents can be mailed to:

Hello Housing / 777 Hamilton                                            303 Vintage Park Drive, Suite 250                                Foster City, CA 94404

DOWNLOAD: Workforce Housing Program Application


What happens if I am selected?

If your household is determined to be eligible and is selected, you will be referred to Alliance, which is the property management company for 777 Hamilton. You will be asked to complete their standard rental application and to meet their rental criteria, with the exception of the income requirements. Please take a moment to review and if you have any questions, please email Alliance and reference the Workforce Housing Pilot Program.

777 Hamilton Rental Application & Criteria
777 Hamilton Brochure


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