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Project Sentinel
Project Sentinel is a non-profit organization that assists individuals with housing problems such as discrimination, mortgage foreclosure and delinquency, rental issues including repairs, deposits, privacy, dispute resolution, home buyer education, post purchase education and reverse mortgages. Visit Project Sentinel’s website for more information.

California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA)
CalHFA supports the needs of renters and homebuyers by providing financing and programs that create safe, decent and affordable housing opportunities for low to moderate income Californians. CalHFA has first and junior loan options for low to moderate income families, including low to zero interest rate down payment assistance loans. Visit CalHFA’s wesbite for more information.

HUD Counseling Agencies
HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) counseling agencies are a great resource for homebuyers and homeowners alike. These housing counseling agencies provide pre-purchase and post-purchase advice on topics such as buying a home, defaults, foreclosures, and credit issues. A list of HUD counseling agencies in the Bay Area can be found here.

Housing & Economic Rights Advocates (HERA)
HERA is a statewide non-profit organization that provides legal services, advocating that “all people are protected from discrimination and economic abuses, especially in the realm of housing.” Focusing on the low-income, elderly, immigrants, people of color and people with disabilities, HERA is a great resource for a range of homeowners. Visit HERA’s website for more information.

MidPen Housing Corporation
MidPen is a non-profit affordable housing developer that has developed and currently manages 100 affordable rental properties throughout the Bay Area. Visit MidPen’s website to view a list of their properties and leasing statuses. You may also call (650) 356-2900.

Palo Alto Housing Corporation
Palo Alto Housing Corporation (PAHC) is a non-profit agency that builds, develops, acquires, and manages low- and moderate-income housing in Palo Alto and the Bay Area. Visit PAHC’s website to view a list of their properties with open waitlists. You may also call (650) 321-9709.

HIP Housing
HIP Housing is a non-profit organization that develops and manages affordable rental housing and administers a home sharing program throughout San Mateo County. Visit HIP Housing’s website to view a list of their properties and to apply for their Interest List. You may also call (650) 348-6660.

Housing Authority of San Mateo County
As of January 2017, the Housing Authority of the County of San Mateo (HACSM) is accepting pre-applications for their Moving-To-Work program. This is a Section 8 voucher program that allows eligible families to rent housing in the private market by subsidizing a portion of each family’s monthly rent. For more information, visit HACSM’s website. You may also call (650) 802-3300.

Crane Place and Partridge-Kennedy Senior Apartments
Peninsula Volunteers, Inc., a nonprofit organization, operates two apartment complexes that provide affordable rental housing to seniors. For information about waiting lists and apartment availability, visit Peninsula Volunteers, Inc.’s website. You may also call Crane Place at (650) 325-244 and Partridge Place at (650) 324-3160.


Matt Franklin, President of MidPen and Hello Housing board president, believes everyone deserves quality, affordable housing.

Michelle is a proud new homeowner who purchased a Hello Housing NSP home in San Lorenzo.

Board Member Rick Jacobus is a national expert using data, not anecdote, to design more impactful affordable homeownership programs.

Mardie Oakes, President, blends finance, design and development to make places people thrive.

Jennifer Duffy, Vice President, turns opportunity into action with the Hello Housing team.

Apple lives in a new type of housing made possible by Senate Bill 962, sponsored by former Senate pro Tem Darrell Steinberg.

Larry shares a duplex with two housemates in an innovative residential program called the Family Teaching Model.

Tien is a proud new owner of an affordable home in Newark, as well a box full of tools to make home repairs easy.

Matt Warner, Program Director for Hello Stewardship, makes affordable homeownership happen.