Hello Housing’s Mardie Oakes is featured in the book, Work on
Purpose by Lara Galinksy with Kelly Nuxoll. Published by Echoing Green,
Work on Purpose tells the stories of five changemakers and their journeys
from struggle and uncertainty to significance and success. Through these
true-life narratives, Work on Purpose offers its readers a simple—yet
powerful—framework: heart + head = hustle. In other words, personal
fulfillment and societal impact are the result of aligning passion and talents.

Work on Purpose harnesses the altruistic spirit of young people to craft
careers with meaningful impact, thereby catalyzing a robust ecosystem
of individuals and institutions dedicated to pushing forward bold ideas to
solve the most deeply entrenched problems in the world.

The book also features a compendium of more than 150 career resources
and programs; a foreword by LIVESTRONG ’s Lance Armstrong and Doug
Ulman; an afterword by Harlem Children’s Zone’s Geoffrey Canada; and
thought-provoking questions to inspire readers to apply the lessons in the
book to their own lives.