Alameda’s Down Payment Assistance Program

Hello Housing is pleased to be administering and monitoring the City of Alameda’s Down Payment Assistance (DPA) Program on behalf of the Alameda Housing Authority. As part of our program management activities, Hello Housing assists current borrowers who are interested in refinancing or paying off their DPA loan or have questions about the program requirements. Please see below for guidelines and requirements. We look forward to serving the great residents of the City of Alameda!

PLEASE NOTE: Alameda Housing Authority and Hello Housing are not accepting applications to the DPA program at this time. 

Program Guidelines for Refinancing

If you are a homeowner and wish to pay off your DPA loan through refinancing, please direct your lender to Sarah Shimmin at sarah@hellohousing.org.

If you wish to pay off your DPA loan through refinancing, Hello Housing will provide the lender a letter stating the payoff amount of your DPA loan and any other documentation requested.

If you wish to refinance without paying off your DPA loan, you will not be permitted to take cash out. Sample subordination and program documents are available for lenders upon request to help determine if the 1st loan can work in conjunction with the City of Alameda’s DPA program (and BMR program, if applicable). Please note that the Alameda Housing Authority will only subordinate to a new 1st loan if you are receiving no cash out.

Lenders will be required to submit the following documentation to Hello Housing as part of the refinance eligibility screening:

  • 1003 completed loan application
  • 1008 or other loan underwriting form indicating amounts and terms of all financing
  • A preliminary title report
  • A Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure

Refinance package submittals can be emailed or mailed to:

Hello Stewardship – Alameda Refinance
1242 Market Street 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

Program Guidelines for Sale

If you are in the process of selling your home, please contact Sarah Shimmin at sarah@hellohousing.org. Hello Housing will calculate the payoff amount of your DPA loan. If you own a Below Market Rate (BMR) home in Alameda, you will first need to issue Hello Housing a “Notice of Intent to Sell”. For more information about BMR resales, please visit our BMR Homeowner Resources page.

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