We go beyond the "sticks and bricks" of building affordable housing. We are always on the look out for housing needs that can be solved with creative strategies that leverage human willpower, blended capital, and skillful management to create new and innovative housing solutions. The diverse background of our team has uniquely positioned us to create new programs that meet the needs of our communities.

Hello Housing, in partnership with Alameda County's Housing & Community Development, created AC Boost, a down payment assistance loan program funded by taxpayers through Measure A1. This innovative program gives preference to educators, first responders, and people who have been displaced from Alameda County and is designed from the start to give buyers a boost in the marketplace

We are turning bright ideas into actionable solutions. Hello Housing sees homeowners as mission-critical, untapped partners in making it possible for people of all incomes and backgrounds to call the Bay Area home.  By partnering with homeowners to add Accessory Dwelling Units to their properties, more housing can be created within the existing fabric of our communities, creating more affordable places for people to live and thrive in the Bay Area.  Visit hellobright.org to learn more about our new programs in San Mateo and Alameda County.