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Below-Market Rate Homes for Sale in Livermore

The city of Livermore has a portfolio of Below Market Rate homes which occasionally turn over for sale. The price of each home depends on several factors (the change in Area Median Income since the last sale, interest rates at time of resale, current HOA dues if applicable). In addition, each home is designated as either a Low or Moderate income home. Please reference the Income Limits chart to determine whether your household would qualify as either a Low or Moderate income household. Please note that each year, the City of Livermore publishes new income limits so these numbers are also adjusted annually.

The most recent pre-application period did not include potential 1 & 2 bedroom BMR homes that may come up for resale. Bookmark this page or sign up to our Stay Connected emails to learn about 1 & 2 bedroom BMR opportunities in the City of Livermore.

Current Resale For Households in the 2019 Lottery Ranking

2833 Alnwick Ave. #5
3 Bedroom/3.5 Bathroom, 1,377 Sq Ft
Purchase Price: $282,070
HOA dues: $314.39
Income Band: 80% of the Area Median Income
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Current Resales Open to the General Public

4131 Freeda Court
3 Bedroom/1.5 Bathroom, 1,181 Sq Ft
Purchase Price: $423,917
Income Band: 120% of the Area Median Income
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Learn about the City of Livermore Program Guidelines and the  City of Livermore’s Affordable For-Sale Prices

How to Apply

In order to apply for this home, please click on the orange “apply now” button to the right.

Income Limits

Household Size Income Limit at 80% AMI Income Limit at 120% AMI
1 person Not eligible Not eligible
2 people Not eligible Not eligible
3 people $80,650 $112,750
4 people $89,600 $125,300
5 people $96,800 $135,300
6 people  $103,950 $145,350
7 people  $111,150  $155,350

The Application Process for 4131 Freeda Court

Buying a home, especially in the Bay Area, is an emotional journey. And because of the scarcity of affordable homes for sale, the competition to buy an affordable home in today’s market can be tremendous. Our goal is to create a qualification process that meets Livermore’s program requirements AND is respectful of your time. With this in mind, we have broken the application process down into a few key steps.

What to Expect


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