What is the City of Emeryville’s First Time Homebuyer Loan Assistance Program?

The City’s First Time Homebuyer (FTHB) Loan Program provides down payment assistance to households at or below moderate income (120% AMI) that are purchasing a market-rate or co-op home in Emeryville, in the form of a low-interest, deferred-payment loan. The loan is due upon sale or transfer, when the unit ceases to be owner-occupied, or in 30 years, whichever comes first.  The home purchased must be in the City of Emeryville and the borrower must live in the home as the primary residence.

The maximum loan amount from the City is the least of the following:

Please refer to the FTHB Program Guidelines for more details.

What other resources are available to help me afford a home?

Hello Housing is currently offering a Down Payment Assistance Program called AC Boost on behalf of Alameda County. AC Boost provides financial assistance to middle-income working households to purchase a home in Alameda County. The program offers loans of up to $210,000 to first-time homebuyers who live in, work in, or have been displaced from Alameda County. Limited preference is given to first responders and educators (including public school employees and childcare providers). More information on the application process can be found online at ACBoost.org or by calling (510) 500-8840.

A Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) provides income eligible first-time home buyers with an opportunity to reduce the amount of federal income tax they owe each year which increases their ability to qualify for a mortgage. This program is run through Alameda County Housing and Community Development Department (HCD). Learn more.

Program Income Limits (2023)

Income Limits by Percentage of
Area Median Income (AMI)


Review the City’s FTHB Program Guidelines or Stay Connected for announcements about the upcoming lotteries for new affordable homes in Emeryville as well as resales of existing homes.