Property Address:1121 40th Street, #5102

Sales Price: $457,900. “New Price”

HOA:  $502.66/month

Two-bedroom, Two-Bathrooms

  • 758 Square Feet
  • Close to shopping 
  • 2 assigned parking spaces

MLS Listing:  1121 40th Street, #5102

For more details and how to apply, please see the Marketing Flyer – 1121 40th St #5102

Property Address: 1500 Park Avenue #322

Sales Price: $338,200

HOA: $458.00/month

One-bed, One-bathroom home

  • 1,134 Square Feet
  • Walk to restaurants and shopping
  • Gated parking for one car

MLS Listing: 1500 Park Avenu #322

For More details and how to apply, please see the 

Marketing Flyer – 1500 Park #322


Income Limits by Percentage of
Area Median Income (AMI)
1 $105,500
2 $120,550
3 $135,650
4 $150,700
5 $162,750

How to Apply

If you are interested in an existing BMR unit being sold by the owner, please read our BMR Ownership Steps 2021 to learn about how you can prepare to apply.  After reviewing the BMR Ownership Steps and BMR Ownership Program Guidelines , please contact the sales office or listing agent to view the unit and make a purchase offer to buy the unit. If your offer is accepted by the seller, you will need to enter into a purchase agreement and complete a BMR Application, which will be reviewed by Hello Housing prior to the contract to purchase becoming finalized.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Eligible households must meet the household size requirement for the home.
  • All household members must be first-time homebuyers.
  • Homebuyers must have sufficient creditworthiness to qualify for a first mortgage.
  • Creditworthiness includes: a) not having filed bankruptcy in the last three years; and b) a minimum FICO credit rating of 660 points.
  • Households must have at least 3% down payment.
  • Households must be able to qualify for a 30-year fixed mortgage
  • All applicants must be U.S. citizens or lawfully permitted for permanent residence.
  • All households must earn below the Area Median Income limit referenced in the listing.

City of Emeryville’s Homebuyer Program

Homebuyers who previously benefited from the City of Emeryville’s Below Market Rate (BMR) Homebuyer program pass along the opportunity to the next owner when they sell their home.  This ensures that there will be affordable housing available for future generations of Emeryville residents.  Bookmark this page or sign up here to learn about BMR homes that may be for sale in the City of Emeryville and as well as other homebuying resources and programs.

A Below Market Rate (BMR) unit is a unit that is priced to be affordable to households that are moderate income or below.  Moderate income is defined as an annual income of 120% or less of the AMI, and varies depending on the number of people in the household.  Area Median Income is adjusted each year.  Usually, the BMR price is lower than the prices of other units in the same development that are being sold on the open market.  BMR owners must occupy the unit as a primary residence.  To learn more about the City of Emeryville’s Homebuyer Program, please see the BMR Ownership Program Guidelines